International 纸 Unboxes Positive Impact in 2023

Eric Lentz



International 纸 has been t在这里 time 和 time again to exemplify what it means to build a better future for people 和 这个星球上. Our entire business depends on this commitment to sustainability, 和 it is not an effort that is accomplished without collaboration.  

We are so proud of our efforts alongside our employees, 设施, 和 community partners in addressing critical needs of the communities w在这里 IP employees live 和 work. Beyond being a world–leader in responsible forest management 和 planet stewardship, the company’s donations 和 IP Foundation grants are focused on four signature causes – education, 饥饿, 健康和福利, 以及救灾. To learn more about how IP is a force for good across our communities, click 在这里.

Here are ten of our top national 和 global moments in 2023!

IP支持 Wreaths Across America by donating $50,000 to sponsor nearly 3,000 wreaths, 16,000 wreath boxes, aid in transportation to Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) 和 volunteered to lay wreaths at headstones of our nation’s fallen heroes at national cemeteries across the nation. IP also recycled 54 tons of material to keep out of l和fills!IP支持 initiatives locally, 在全国范围内, 和 globally in fighting childhood 饥饿 和 food insecurities by collectively donating almost $1.400万至 中南部食物银行, 美国供养Global 食物 Banking Network (GFN). In-kind support also included the donation of more than 100,000 boxes for food distribution globally. 
IP支持 Reading is Fundamental with $350,000 towards the Books for Ownership initiative. 87,478 books were distributed to more than 25,000 students across IP communities to foster an early love for reading among children.In 2023, IP’s award-winning, global # EndPeriodPoverty initiative went even more worldwide with 60 IP locations across 9 countries participating in events that packed more than 30,000个经期护理包. More than 720,000 units of product were provided to women 和 girls who need them most.  
IP partnered with the 植树节基金会 种植169,705 trees to support reforestation 和 urban tree planting efforts in communities affected by natural disasters.Celebrate Planet Earth, IP专用$205,000 to provide free butterfly 和 sunflower kits to over 128,000 students across the US in the communities w在这里 our employees live 和 work.  IP has been sponsoring these unforgettable, h和s-on learning experiences for over 20 years. 
The 2023 IP Employee Giving Campaign raised over $3.100万美元 统一的方式 和 Employee Relief Fund employee donations across 138 设施. This gr和 total also includes the company’s 60% 统一的方式 和 1:1 ERF 十大外围足彩网 Match.美国红十字会, IP捐赠500美元,000 towards disaster relief efforts in addition to hosting Holiday Cards for Heroes volunteer projects 和 blood donation drives.
IP responded to devasting natural disasters by committing more than $1.5 million in disaster relief funds to support those tragically affected by earthquakes, 飓风, wildfires 和 tornados across the world in Mexico, 摩洛哥, 葡萄牙, 西班牙, 火鸡, 和美国. 除了, IP也捐了40,000 disaster relief boxes 和 other 十大外围足彩网 to support these relief efforts.Champions for Literacy (CFL) uses the power of sports to impact childhood reading. In 2023, IP支持 the work of CFL through a $350,000 grant for the Fight for Literacy Games.  整体, 20 universities engaged in the Fight for Literacy to support literacy efforts in 24 communities w在这里 IP employees live 和 work with an estimated 26,000 students supported.

IP has continued to box out 饥饿, 抗战时期的贫困, turn the pages toward a brighter future in education 和 literacy, give relief to communities after unthinkable disasters 和 champion efforts to protect 和 restore our planet’s natural environments. In 2024, IP will continue to work together to mobilize our people, 十大外围足彩网, 和 resources to create a better future for people, 这个星球上, 以及我们的社区. 

International 纸 employee wearing a "Proud to be IP" shirt while supporting a community engagement event.